Security Holograms

Security holograms are the common type of holograms that are designed to help prove legitimacy of products in general against counterfeiting. This type of hologram not only enhances the visibility and security but also prevents unauthorized personnel from gaining access to sensitive materials. Mind you, adding a security hologram to your product does not mean that you are withstanding counterfeiting or copying but significantly it becomes a block for the counterfeiter.

The uniqueness of security holograms

Security holograms are incessantly becoming an essential method of protection against counterfeiting. The security a hologram provides depends to the extent tied to the extent tied to the complexity of image. What is so unique about these hologram is that they cannot be copied by standard printing techniques or fabricated by color copiers or any scanning equipment. That’s why it can be proclaimed loudly that security holograms virtually guarantees product authenticity and nothing else.

Purposes of security holograms

Security holograms which include stickers, labels, cards have different security levels. The significance of adding security hologram to a document or product depends upon the actual product value. This is because not all products deserve the similar protection and that is why different security holograms have varying security levels. Such holograms are used for various purposes.

Taking the help of tamper evident security holograms, you can protect your document from scanning and copying of your valued document or certificate. An added benefit to the hologram is the use of sequential numbers. .

In identity verification, security holograms play a pivotal role. They are applied on identification batches to enhance security and better visibility. It also prevents unauthorized person from gaining contact to sensitive materials.

In product authentication, the uses of such security holograms are indisputable. Now you can add to your product added security, visibility and the ability to distinguish goods from potential counterfeiters, using such holograms.

Some common applications

Security holograms are used in making apparel, Media software like DVD’S and CD’s, Banking documents, Transportation passes, Admission tickets, Consumer electronics, Gift certificates, Pharmaceuticals and many more.


Hologram Machinery

Hologram machinery is increasingly becoming important as counterfeiting looms large over the business world. It has resulted to many big brands loosing a large chunk of their sale. Hologram machinery helps in creating holograms that bars such counterfeiting and protect the brand identities. There are different types of machines available and each of them performs a specific task to make a hologram or to incorporate a special feature to the hologram.

Hologram Machinery – Laminator

The laminator helps in laminating the silicon paper and adhesive together.

Hologram Machinery – 2D/3D Hologram Master Shooting System

2D/3D Hologram Master Shooting System is not a solo machine that is capable of performing all the necessary task by itself. It actually consists of a number of equipments such as Optical Table, He-Cd laser, opticals, controller, silver coatings, Microprocessor-Controlled Automatic Positioning Equipment etc. All these equipments work in tandem to serve the purpose.

Hologram Machinery – Dot-matrix Hologram Master Shooting System

The Dot-matrix Hologram Master Shooting System consists of Silvering, He-Cd Laser and Dot-matrix machine and it is the Hologram Master Recombination Machine, which is responsible for the recombination of small master shim into big master shim.

Hologram Machinery – Narrow Hard Web Hologram Embosser

The hologram image is embossed on to the base material with the help of Narrow Hard Web Hologram Embosser. The base material can be made of aluminum metalized PET film or a transparent PET film. It is a manufacturing process that requires minimum production cost. The Narrow Hard Web Hologram Embosser are of two types, one is the Old mode of hard hologram embosser and the other is the New mode of hard hologram embosser which can emboss precisely.

Hologram Machinery – Laminator

The laminator helps in laminating the silicon paper and adhesive together.

Hologram Machinery – Electronic Forming Machine

Hologram embossing wouldn’t have been possible without electronic forming machine as the machine is responsible for the duplication of nickel operation shim. The shim which is duplicated from the mother shim is made to go under embossing. Then the fixation of the nickel hologram operation into embosser’s cylinder is followed.

Hologram Machinery – Wide Web Soft Hologram Embosser

This embosser is responsible for embossing transparent holographic film a wide web

Hologram Machinery – Manual Die-cutting punch

Manual die-cutting is capable of cutting the sticker into a size of 160mm x 160mm. Moreover, it cuts panel by panel.

Hologram Machinery – Hologram Sticker Automatic Die-cutting Machine

The particular form of machine serves really well in roll format.


Electroluminescent Panel

A transparent substrate with an electroluminescent element are obvious constituents of electroluminescent panel. The electroluminescent element is covered by a moisture proof sheet which includes two resin films that laminates the metal layer between them. The moisture proof sheet consist of a moisture absorbent powder. The powder rests between the electroluminescent element and the moisture proof sheet. The dual protection of the electroluminescent material from moisture helps the element to work properly and it also imparts stability. The transparent substrate serves an important role as it adheres the periphery of the moisture proof sheet. These electroluminescent panels are mostly thin and flexible with no break in filament. Moreover, it hardly generates any heat and the 0.4 ounces/sq. foot weighing panel is easy to get dimmed.

Variety of electroluminescent panel

There are also variety of panels as well in the form of split electrode electroluminescent panel and parallel code electroluminescent panel. The split electrode panel acts superbly when used as a back light source specially for signs. It is so because as a small center of light it won’t detract from the graphic. Moreover, it also won’t detract even where there is a need of long length strips for different types of lighting like the accent lighting or area illumination. One can avail the split electrode in lengths ranging to as much as hundred feet.

Parallel electrode panels differs from split electrode panels as it possess a front electrode along with a opaque electrode at the rear. However, it has no canter line and it is best best suited for back lighting of photographs, fine arts which can’t afford to have even a small line.

Uses of panels

The electroluminescent panels have a variety of uses as it is used in tabletop furniture as well as architectural accent lighting. It is also used in a light box a s well as X-rays and specimens. Such a variety of uses really makes it a prized possession.


3D Lenticular Posters

3D lenticular posters can be an efficient tool for advertising a product or a service. The posters are very much prevalent in different parts of the wold. It is an interesting form of media which requires the viewers to move from one place to another in order to get the true effect of 3D lenticular posters. Moreover, some of the lenticular posters are printed on paper and has the provision of changing all its artwork. The prime reason for using these posters are that it creates a moving life like image that has much more impact in the minds of the viewers.

Variety of 3D lenticular posters

To meet the demand of different customers the 3d lenticular posters are available in different specifications as well. It is made according to the demand of the customers. They are mostly made of lenticular lens sheets and consists of material like polystyrene (PS), acrylic (PMMA) etc. The variety of 3d lenticular posters allows a lot of options as you can avail them with a 3D effect or a flip or equipped with animation. Moreover, the ones with the zoom, morph and the combined effect also make an attractive lenticular poster. The variety also includes size as you can get them according to your preferred sizes.

Uses of 3D lenticular poster

3D lenticular posters also have a lot of uses and that has played a major role in making them popular. Lenticular posters are extensively used as a movie posters as it enhanced the attraction of a poster. It creates a great impact in the minds of the viewers and creates the initial curiosity about the movie.

Movies like superman have used 3d lenticular posters to great effect. These posters possess ‘life’ and therefore are much more effective than normal posters. Lenticular posters create a effect that may look as if the images in the posters are moving. However, it is only possible when the viewer is moving and the fact that mot of the viewers are on the move while watching posters, it makes it even more effective.


3D Lenticular Holograms

3D lenticular hologram is a specialized hologram that possess all the features of a lenticular hologram added by a 3d effect. It is manufactured by making use of the usual lenticular process that involves 12 or more images. What follows is a interlacing of these different images to make a single one, which is very confusing. The image is then printed on the paper. Then follows one of the most important part in which lenticular material, made of small ridges of lens is actually laminated. As a result, the lenses bars the view of all those images separately. The raw images and the lens surface of the lenticular material makes a different view.

The lenticular holograms comes with different effects like the morphing, 3D, Zoom, Flip. However, 3D lenticular are such a an attractive piece as it adds a new dimension to the beauty of a hologram. It actually imparts realism to the artwork even without the help of any sort of special optics or glasses. All it needs is special layering along with some special techniques and screens. Once these are done properly the 3D lenticular hologram will be infront of you.

Important details about 3D lenticular hologram

There are some things that you need to know about 3D lenticular holograms. The first and foremost factor is whether you are getting the right choice of colors and whether there is a provision for image placement. It is also important to have the logos and the typography very close to aim point to make it appear very sharp and readable. The last thing you want about your 3D lenticular hologram to have a solid horizontal stripes as it hampers the viewer’s depth reference.

Uses of 3D lenticular holograms

3D lenticular holograms also have a lot uses as well as it is needed in an array of products that includes Stickers, Posters, CD jewel, DVD case inserts, Folders, Toys, trading cards etc. 3D lenticular holograms are mush superior than other forms of holograms as apart from being used as posters, cards and other products, it also provide the advantage of looking great in any kind of light. Moreover, it also possess depth, HD video, motion film or combinations.


3D Hologram Manufacturers

3D hologram manufacturers are a nice option if you want to have full-color hologram which boasts a natural, lifelike appearance and also allows a 360 degree viewing. You can have your own hologram which possess all those qualities.

The particular technology which is capable of serving you all those qualities uses two concealed, opposing parabolic mirrors. The particular object that is needed to be converted into a hologram is done by concave center of the bottom mirror. As a result, the hologram appears to be a solid object as it projects itself through the aperture. In fact, a 3D hologram maker is made slow in the printing and the finishing methods as the the lens thickness often plays an obstruction to the printing.

Advantages of 3D hologram manufacturers

It is a fact that all humans has got 3D visual display as the common language. Therefore, 3D hologram manufacturers offers various advantages. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • The fact that it is powered light makes it very attractive as well.
  • It offers facilities that allows you to change the object most easily. Moreover the objects are rendered in full natural color.
  • The 3D hologram maker also allow full display of objects along with a 3D appearance.
  • The maker offers a viewable range of 360 degrees.
  • It is a user friendly maker and therefore don’t require any training for operation.

Materials needed for a 3D hologram manufacturers

A 3D hologram in most of the cases is made of two types of materials, one is heavy gauge and the other one is fine gauge. They differ from each other on the basis of the viewing distance and this viewing distance depends entirely on the thickness of the glass. Moreover, the two gauges also differ on the basis of their applications as heavy gauges serve the purpose of superior viewing distances whereas the fine gauge helps in viewing distances that are closer.


Hologram Business

With markets being flooded with fake products and with government waking up to the piracy and counterfeits, the hologram business seems more of a profitable business. Probably it has become the first point of sale verification feature. As piracy regularly eats into the profits and reputation of big businesses, it has made several brand owners to sit up and take steps to protect their interests.

This hologram business or the popularity of holograms developed mainly because of brand identification and security. Mind you, each hologram is unique and one cannot recreate the same even with the same labor and machinery. This not only makes and excellent security proofs for bands but also assures consumers about the quality of the brand.

Hologram Types and its market share

Holograms symbolize brand identification and security. With and alarming rate of counterfeiting, the demand of holograms have increased manifold. Well to know about the hologram business firstly you need to access its types. Mainly there are three types of holograms. They are security, packaging and promotional.

  • Security holograms have a great hold in the market. It is basically a low volume high margin business. Such holograms have a market size of Rs.150 crore.
  • While packaging holograms has Rs. 250 Crore market and stands as a high volume low margin business. Here the price competition is greater in comparison to other.
  • The promotional holograms are a popular phenomenon. Frankly speaking, there are hardly any makers of holograms and its market is reported to be less than Rs. 1 crore.

Well as not many companies are yet aware of the benefits of the holograms and as majority of the customers are still not aware of it, the market has still not grown to the size it could. Mainly the future of this company depends a lot on the acceptability of holograms. According to experts, this hologram business is meant for everyone who intends to start a holographic company but the main thing lies in careful technological up gradation and industry assessing. So, if you are thinking of entering this business, just go through the aforementioned guidelines and make you business a flourishing one.


White Light Hologram v/s Regular Hologram

White light hologram is somewhat different from regular holograms but you need to know the difference only after having an idea about the mechanism of a regular hologram. All you need to know about the functioning of a regular hologram is that two coherent beams are mainly needed for the production of a hologram and one of the beam is called the reference beam and the other one is called the object beam. As the two beams interfere, it gets recorded in the photographic film. And once the film is developed you can get a look of it by illuminating the developed film with a laser film.

Reflection hologram – A type of white light hologram

Regular holograms are therefore only capable of producing sharp images when viewed with a monochromatic light. However, reflection holograms are those which is capable of being viewed in a white light as well as in these type of white light hologram the object and reference beams actually stands on the opposite side of the photographic film. As a result, the plane of the film has the structure of the interference pattern lying perpendicular to it. You can have twenty or more layers within the emulsion, if the thickness is around 15 mm and it will ultimately result to a truly three dimensional recorded pattern. This developed film is illuminated with a white light beam which makes the hologram an automated selector of proper wavelength and that too for each angle of incidence. This ultimately makes a hologram, which you can view with white light from a point source.

Rainbow hologram involves a two stage process

The rainbow hologram is another type of white light hologram. Steven Benton Invented the hologram, which can be viewed even with the help of a transmitted light of an incandescent lamp. This hologram makes the phenomenon happen by a simple two stage process with the first step involving making of a transmission hologram. Then it involves construction of another hologram by treating the first image of the hologram as the object.


Hologram Glasses

Hologram glasses are the new generation of improved 3D Glasses that serves a number of functions. It provides an experience that is much different from other reality glasses. Hologram glasses even have a variety of special images. However, the quality of the effects depends on the image as more simple image will provide a crisper and brighter effect.

Working of a hologram glass

The still picture that possesses a red composite image is the right component. The left component possesses a contrasting color, both of them are superposed, and the effect is seen when they are observed through the corresponding colored filters. Though the eyes are a few inches apart from each other yet, they correlate the picture. These correlating is helped by the brain and it is done even from different angles. Moreover, holographic glasses, which boasts a 3D effect makes the experience of watching 3D films truly worthy. The colored filters isolate the images with different colors and the images are only able to enter one eye at a time. However, when the images are projected by the brain, it is only one.

Advantages of hologram glasses

Hologram glasses also provide a lot of advantages and that is the prime reason for its increasing popularity. Some of the advantages that a hologram glass includes the fact that glasses are very efficient in correlating two images into one. It helps a lot in getting an overlook of the essence. Moreover, when you view through hologram images, you can’t differentiate between real and virtual images. This phenomenon often makes fantasy world look like real world. The particular technology is very much used in 3D or stereoscopic movies and last but not the least; it also allows the view with color.

Usage of hologram glasses

Hologram glasses have a widespread use. It is extensively used in various education fields as well as movie theaters. However, the biggest usage of hologram glasses are probably at Film production studios. For instance, Universal Studios consume a large chunk of hologram glasses’ usage. It is also used for proof of principle researches or various developments programmes.


Computer Generated Hologram

Computer generated hologram are those kinds of holograms which gives the appearance of binary representation of interferogram. Here computers are used to scan, design, enhance and create images and patterns for developing 2D/ 3D holograms. Frankly speaking, this computer technology comes as a powerful technology for a wide range of display types including 2D, stereoscopic, volumetric and true 3D imaging.

How to make computer generated hologram

In order to make computer-generated hologram, first the image of the object is taken followed by the removal of the background of the image. The background of the image is removed adding white space around the object that helps in obtaining higher transmission. Remember the three basics elements in holography that includes light source, image and hologram plays a vital role. It is to be noted that if any two of these are known, then the third one can be easily calculated.

For instance if we know the diffraction pattern and the details of the double slit system, we could easily calculate the wavelength of the light. So, this is the basic idea behind the theory of computer generated hologram.

Uses of computer generated hologram

The applications of computer generated holograms are growing rapidly by leaps and bounds and their uses are innumerable. Due to their attractive nature they are used in variety of applications to provide three dimensional views of an object.

  • Computer generated holograms are used for controlling laser lights in many optical devices like common CD player.
  • CGH is used in the making of holographic optical elements for various purposes like scanning, focusing and splitting.
  • The lightweight computer generated holograms create wave fronts of arbitrary complexity.
  • They are attractive for applications like optical data processing and optical data testing.

Some other uses of computer generated hologram

Apart from the above mentioned used these computer generated holograms are also used for product packaging, packaging foils, gift boxes, packaging films, cartons, for promotional labels and stickers, etc.


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