Fully Automatic Customised De Metallized Machine

Detailed Specifications of Equipment

[1] The chemical liquid is environmental type, non-toxic, odourless, non-pollution, long kept liquid also can be reused.
[2] The chemical liquid solution consumes very low cost.
[3] The machine designs for effectively prevent the film surface drawing scrape lines, wrinkling, shrinkage, with fast drying capacity, good rewinding design. There are cleaning quality observation screen, the partially transparent window can return the true nature colour of the film.


Technical Specifications

  1. Web Width : 600 mm
  2. Working Width : 500 mm
  3. Min Working Width : 165 mm
  4. Coating Stations : 1 Nos. [3 HP AC Motor with Drive]
  5. Coating Tray : Must be from stainless steel [2 dimension for each type: 350 mm and 700 mm (depends on maximum width).
  6. Coating Adhesive Reservoir : We will provide 2 types: one planar for common adhesives; and one conical with separate reservoir for adhesives, which have tendency to sedimentation.
  7. Demetalised Station : 1 Nos.
  8. Nipping Station : 5 HP AC Motor with Drive. Nipping Rubber Roll Pneumatically Operated
  9. Nipping Heater : 2 KW Stick Heater
  10. Unwind Roll Dia. : Up To 600mm
  11. Rewind Roll Dia. : Up To 600 mm
  12. Shaft at Unwind & Rewind : 76 mm & 152 mm
  13. Rubber Roller : Dia 152 mm
  14. Max. Mechanical Speed : Up To 45 TO 70 Mtrs/Min
    Max. Operating Speed Depends on
    Type of Coating & Material.
  15. Web Direction : From Left Hand to Right Hand when
    View from operating Side.
  16. Blower Motors : 0.5 HP AC – 5 Nos. with Ducting Per Station
  17. Suction : 1 HP AC Blowers for Suction
  18. Temperature of Chamber : Upto 130°C
  19. Motors.( A.C ) : Coating Roll 3 H.P with AC Drive
    Nipping Roll 5 HP with AC Drive
    Unwinding Motor 3 H.P. with AC Drive
    Rewind Motor 5 H.P with AC Drive
  20. Heating Load : 27 KW [Industrial Electric Heater]
  21. Power Consumption : 43 Kw
  22. Dimensions of M/C : Length : 28’
    ( Approx. ) Width : 3’
    Height : 9’
  23. Substrate to be used. : PET, CPP, PVC, Polycarbonate Thickness 12 to 50 Micron etc.
  24. Coating cylinder : Provided by party
  25. Weight : 4,000 Kg. (Approx)


Brief Description of Machine


1. Unwind Station

  • There will be One Nos. of unwind stations in the machine. Which are used for primary unwinding of PET, CPP, PVC, Polycarbonate Thickness 12 to 50 Micron
  • 2 Nos. Web Guiding at Unwind Station is done automatically through web Guide. This is Pneumo hydraulic web guiding system.
  • Auto Tension Controller with Load Cell Feedback with 5 KG Powder Break for Primary Unwinder.
  • We provide another 5 KG Powder Brake without Load Cell for Secondary Unwinder
  • Control panel box is provided on this station which comprises of suitable push buttons for machine operations.

2. Coating Stations

  • There will be one Nos. of coating Stations
  • Heavy robust frames solid plates 50 mm thick all over precisely machined for accuracy.
  • Doctor blade can be adjusted by rotating it. Horizontal fine adjustment is done by two knobs.
  • The Pressure Roll is Pneumatically operated and it is fitted with one set of Hollow type Rubber Roll.
  • Coating Tray assembly is adjustable type. It can move up & down to accommodate wide range of cylinder dia.
  • All Lead in Roll are of Aluminum. Dia of Rolls is 101.6 mm / 76 mm. These are dynamically Balanced

3. Drying Chamber

  • Chamber is divided in Five zones.
  • There is air Nozzles provided on each guiding roll in the chamber.
  • All chamber rollers are driven. These are steel Hard Chrome Plated & dynamically balanced.

4. Rewind Station

  • There will be centering Rewinding Type of arrangement provided with lay on Roll assembly.
  • Automatic Tension with Load Cell Feed Back with 5 H.P Motor with AC Drive.


Exclusions (To be provided by buyer)

  • All civil work like Foundation grouting etc.




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