Hologram Glasses

Hologram glasses are the new generation of improved 3D Glasses that serves a number of functions. It provides an experience that is much different from other reality glasses. Hologram glasses even have a variety of special images. However, the quality of the effects depends on the image as more simple image will provide a crisper and brighter effect.

Working of a hologram glass

The still picture that possesses a red composite image is the right component. The left component possesses a contrasting color, both of them are superposed, and the effect is seen when they are observed through the corresponding colored filters. Though the eyes are a few inches apart from each other yet, they correlate the picture. These correlating is helped by the brain and it is done even from different angles. Moreover, holographic glasses, which boasts a 3D effect makes the experience of watching 3D films truly worthy. The colored filters isolate the images with different colors and the images are only able to enter one eye at a time. However, when the images are projected by the brain, it is only one.

Advantages of hologram glasses

Hologram glasses also provide a lot of advantages and that is the prime reason for its increasing popularity. Some of the advantages that a hologram glass includes the fact that glasses are very efficient in correlating two images into one. It helps a lot in getting an overlook of the essence. Moreover, when you view through hologram images, you can’t differentiate between real and virtual images. This phenomenon often makes fantasy world look like real world. The particular technology is very much used in 3D or stereoscopic movies and last but not the least; it also allows the view with color.

Usage of hologram glasses

Hologram glasses have a widespread use. It is extensively used in various education fields as well as movie theaters. However, the biggest usage of hologram glasses are probably at Film production studios. For instance, Universal Studios consume a large chunk of hologram glasses’ usage. It is also used for proof of principle researches or various developments programmes.


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