Fully Automatic Hologram UV Recombining Machine

Detail Specification:

The newly developed UV automatic recombine machine can automatically complete positioning, glue dropping, glue coating, image copying, automatic exposure and curing, and can complete any graphic version of the group, dislocation, superposition, and can also complete color Mosaic, also can complete superposition and color Mosaic, through the last manual rubber washing process can form a seamless version.

The transmission and positioning system is composed of automatic servo control system and grating ruler closed-loop control system with a precision of 0.01mm.The drip glue coating system is composed of automatic drip glue, automatic glue coating and the control system of the amount of glue to ensure the accurate positioning of the system, the amount of glue dropping can be controlled, and the glue coating is even. The maximum unit (template) of the template copying system is 300*300mm, and special sizes can be customized. UV curing system is composed of LED lamp and stepless power adjustment system. The control operating system consists of a 10-inch touch screen and a PLC, providing convenient, accurate and precise control and operation.

Basic process flow:

HOML-300 Hologram Image Pattern UV Curing Recombining System, make up small hologram image pattern together to big master on pet plate or film. This system operates easy and high precision.

Capability Guide Line
  1. Mastering Size:300mm×300mm
  2. Precision:+/- 0.02mm
  3. Format Function: Programmed Point To Point Pattern
  4. CNC control system, five axles
  5. Dimension: about 1600mm×1300mm×800mm approx
  6. Power input: 220V/50Hz/Sigel phases 3KW approx

 Project Include

  • A finished recombining system: included a set of high precision moving table (THK,PMI and Panel Master), a set of advanced UV dispensing curing system
  • Machine controlling system is five axles CNC system
  • Black precision marble printing table.
  • Toolkit.
  • Knowhow and development education. (important)


  • Developed from long time researching and carrying out, the system has a good structure and also software combination.
  • Advanced dispensing and curing system has good balance between recombining quality and precision and also quickness
  • The system has a` open and exoteric structure easy installing, operating and recomposed.
  • Craft and raw material: up to the date designed, convenient and easy-getting.

Support Requirement [Buyer Scope]

  • Clean room: Safe lamp-house, air-conditioned, desiccative.
  • Power supply: 220V /50Hz,3kw,well grounding.
  • Pure nitrogen or other clean air supply:0.4Mpa,1M3/min.
  • clean dry pressed air:0.8Mpa,0.5M3/min

List and cost

  • Recombining system: 300mmX300mm.
  • Proprietary software
  • Weight is about 1400 KG Approx

The next version of the Operation interface


3D Rendering:

Machine Photograph:

Product Photograph:

Machine Video


N.B. Here we offer the machine having maximum recombining area 300mm X 300mm. For your information we can make the machine having maximum recombining area 1000mm X 1000mm.

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