Dot Matrix Hologram Mastering Lab 125000 DPI

DPI Our Dot-Matrix machine is one of the best dot array mastering machines now available for security holography, in terms of features and resolution. These mastering machines produce ultra high security Dot-Matrix glass master holograms Quick in-house origination of high security master holograms from computer generated image content. The system also has honeycomb vibration isolation with pneumatic legs, to avoid possible external noise vibrations. This Dot Matrix Hologram Master Lab is applicable for making any kinds of Dot Matrix Design available Internationally.

Detailed Specifications of Equipment:

A. Dot matrix system with 125000 DPI. Micro-Pattern Design
B. Dot-matrix Artwork Designing software which consist of very user friendly software for creating.
• 2D Color Hologram
• 2D / 3D color hologram
• 3 D true color stereoscopic hologram
• True color Hologram, portrait
• Dynamic optical hologram
• The multichannel holograms variable field of Hologram
• Laser encryption graphics anti-counterfeiting can 4 images at the same time, May 256,
• Miniature word, super miniature words and images
• Lens effect
• Micro-Text / Nano Text : 50 Micron Plus
• Sand silver, white
• Embossment, platinum reliefs
• Droplets
• Unit rectangle hexagonal shape
• Hidden Text
• Guilloche Effect
• Pearl Effect
• Animation
• Switch Text Effect
• Rays Effect
• Sparkling Effect
• 2D Animated Text
• Gradient
• Channel Switch
C. The Photo Resist Glass size: 200 mm X 250 mm X2.5 mm
D. The hologram size: 165 mm X 165 mm [Max]
E. Laser: optical semiconductor laser, the output power of 100 mw, the wavelength of 405 nm crystal imaging system,unit: 0.20* 0.15mm.Speed 3 cm2 / hour
F. The lithography resolution: 100000 dpi /125000dpi
G. Repeat positioning accuracy: 165 mm X 0.5 um trip, Y axis 0.5 um trip 165 mm 7 axis control computer
H. There are five kinds of patterns such as high frequency, low frequency and more low frequency
I. The same model or different kinds of automatic recording
J. Can be in a specific location and memorization
K. Approx Dimension: 1500mm X 1500 mm X 1000 mm
L. Weight: 450 Kg.



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