Automatic Customised Register Offline Paper Feeding Mercury Spot UV Cast & Cure/Cold Foil Transfer Machine by Flexographic/Screen Printing Process having Max Curing Width 1020mm

Detail Technical Specification:

  1. Working Width : 1020 mm(Max) Paper
    A.Automatic Paper Feeding Facility.
    B. Feeder Pile Height: 200 mm
    C. Max Single Sheet Size: 1020mm ( W) X 700 mm( L)
    D. Feeding Height In Feeder From Floor: 1000mm
    E. Max Speed: 1000 Sheets/Hour (Approx)(Varies Upon The Number of UV Unit)
    F. Drive Motor Ac Variable: 1 HP
  2. Paper Stack Feeder Unit:
    A. Feeder Pile Motor For Feeder: 1 HP
    B.Pump Motor for Feeder: 3 HP
  3. Automatic UV Coating Unit:
    A. Full/ Partial Paper Coating Facility
    B. UV Chemical Tank Installed Side The Machine
    C. Pneumatic pressure & Sensor based coating on surface
    D. Roller Coater Impression
    E. UV Chemical Flow Control System Provided
    F.Guide arm/Workbench/Foot switch Provide
  4. Paper Delivering Unit:
    A.Conveyor Belt 1100mm Width
    B. 1.5 Hp Motor With VFD To Control the Speed of Delivery of Paper 
  5. Curing Unit: Mercury UV  Light With 40 Watt/Sq Cm Max Curing Capacity
  6. Hologram Transferring Unit:
    A. Hologram Transferring Unit and Curing Unit are Fixed in a Same Space
    B. 7.5 HP Induction Motor With VFD to Control Speed of Web Rollers of Curing And Hologram Transfer Unit. Unwind & Rewind Shaft Connected together with Chain Drive System with the Motor.
    C. Unwinding Unit for Holographic Roll:
         i. Min18 Micron
         ii. Holographic Printed Roll Width 1000 mm Max
         iii. Roll Dia 375mm max
         iv. Brake to Control The Tension of the Film
         v.  Core ID: 76mm
  1. Rewinding Unit For Holographic Roll:
    a. Min 18 Micron
    b. Holographic Printed Roll Width 1000 mm Max
    c. Roll Dia 375 mm Max
    d. Brake to Control the Tension of the Film
  2. Core ID:76mm
  3. Paper Receiving Unit. Automatic Paper Receiving Unit Provided In Pile Form.:
  4. Thickness of Substrate: 400 GSM (+/-)
  5. Power Supply: 415 VAC,+/- 10%,50hz,3 Phase 4 Wire With Proper Earthling
  6. Dimension: 3m(L) X 1.5(W)X 1.4 M(H)

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