Automatic Rewinding Machine

Automatic Rewinding Machine
Automatic Rewinding Machine

Detailed Specifications of Automatic Rewinding Machine:

HOML – RW type Automatic Rewinding machine that is applicable to Rewinding the labels roll in a straight form that is also applicable to inspect the labels tape on line & complete set of product for auto auto die cutting machine. It has the functions such as auto calculator dial, set length, auto stoppage, and Hydraulic web guide system to control the feeding & to keep the straight of labels edge. It is characterized by tight construction, fastness, high efficiency, accurate for rewinding the labels tape, ease of operation and stability in operation.

  • Rewinding  Speed: 60m/min
  • Max Width Of Web: 320mm
  • Max Feeding Diameter: 400mm
  • Max Rolling Diameter: 400mm
  • Overall Dimension: 1200x800x1200mm
  • Weight: (about) 400kg
  • Main Motor Power: 1.75kw
  • Main Narrow Of Power: 18mm
  • Max Width Of Cutting: 310mm
  • Positioning Precision: ± 0.10mm
  • Main Power Supply: 415 VAC , 50 Hz



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