Automatic Offline Paper Feeding Led UV Cast & Cure Machine Having Max Curing Width 600 mm

Detail Specification:

1. Working Width 600 mm(Max) Paper
2. Paper Stack Feeder Unit A. Automatic Paper Feeding Facility.
B. Feeder Pile Height: 200 mm
C. Max Single Sheet Size: 600mm ( W) X 700 Mm( L)
D. Feeding Height In Feeder From Floor: 1000mm
E. Max Speed: 35-40 Sheets/Min (Approx)(Varies Upon The Number of UV Unit)
F. Drive Motor Ac Variable: 1 HP
G. Feeder Pile Motor For Feeder: 1 Hp
H. Pump Motor For Feeder: 3 Hp
3. Flexo UV Coating Unit A. Automatic Sheet Feeding With Speed Variable Conveyor Belt Rotation
B. Full/ Partial Paper Coating Facility Using Roller Coater
C. UV Chemical Tank Installed Side The Machine With 10 LTR. Space Full / Partial Coating (Depends Up On The Roller Coater)
D.1.5 HP Induction Motor With Separate Frequency Controller Unit To Control The Speed Of Conveyor Belt And Web Roller
E. Pump For UV Chemical Circulation 1HP
F. Roller Coater Impression : Mechanical Clip
G. UV Chemical Flow Control System Provided
4. Paper Delivering Unit A. Conveyor Belt 800mm Width
B. 1.5 Hp Motor With VFD To Control the Speed of Delivery of Paper
5. Curing Unit:   A. 1 No. Led UV  Light With 40 Watt/Sq Cm Max Curing Capacity
B. Life Of Led UV : 20000 Hours Approx
6. Hologram Transferring Unit A. Hologram Transferring Unit and Curing Unit are Fixed in a Same Space
B. 7.5 HP Induction Motor With VFD to Control Speed of Web Rollers of Curing And Hologram Transfer Unit. Unwind & Rewind Shaft Connected together with Chain Drive System with the Motor.
C. Unwinding Unit for Holographic Roll:
i. Min18 Micron
ii. Holographic Printed Roll Width 500 mm Max
iii. Roll Dia 300mm max
iv. Brake to Control The Tension of the Film
v. Core ID:76mm
7 Rewinding Unit For Holographic Roll a. Min 18 Micron
b. Holographic Printed Roll Width 500 mm Max
c. Roll Dia 300mm Max
d. Brake to Control the Tension of the Film e. Core ID:76mm
8. Paper Receiving Unit A. Automatic Paper Receiving Unit Provided In Pile Form.
9. Power Supply 415 VAC,+/- 10%,50hz,3 Phase 4 Wire With Proper Earthling
10. Dimension 3m(L) X 1.2m(W)X 1.4 M(H)
Automatic Offline Paper Feeding Led UV Cast & Cure Machine Having Max Curing Width 600 mm
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