Wide Web Coating and Laminating Machines

Wide Web Coating & Laminating Machine
Wide Web Coating & Laminating Machine

The machine is a Modular design to enable suitable extensions /alterations in future. It is an extremely efficient Converting Machine and has been specially designed for our Integrated Project. This unique Coating /Laminating Line is suitable for Pre-Coating of Clear Films and Paper for Metalizing and Holographic Embossing, as well for converting Wide Web Holographic Films into Sticker and Hot Stamping Foil. It can also be used for Single Colour Coating of Wide Web Metalized and Holographic Films for manufacturing Packaging Films, Holographic Gift Wraps etc. The Coating and Laminating Line includes a Surface Coating Unit, Drying Chamber, Laminating/Winding Unit and Centralized Control Panel with Heavy Duty Base and Dampers to ensure Vibration Free Operation and Superior Finish.


Coating and Laminating Machines – Main Specifications

  1. Max. Roll Width: 1100 mm
  2. Machine Width: 1000 mm
  3. Type of Coating: Holographic Varnish Coating Food Grade along with Water Base or solvent base
  4. Type of Substrates (Films etc.): PET, CPP, PVC etc.
  5. Rewind Roll Dia: 600 mm max
  6. Un-wind Roll Dia: 600 mm max
  7. Core Dia: 76 mm
  8. Working Speed: Up to 60 Meters/minute, Depend upon the Materials.
  9. Electric Power: 415 Volt – 50 Hz
  10. Peak Power: 37.5 Kw
  11. Main Drive Motor: 7.5 HP MOTOR AC DRIVE
  12. Coating Motor: 5 HP MOTOR AC DRIVE
  13. Nipping Motor: 5HP AC DRIVE with 5 HP Motor
  14. Blower Motors: 2 HP AC – 4 Nos.
  15. 3 pcs Nipping Unit 1) for Food Grade, 2) for Solvent based and 3) for Water based.: Rubber Roller operated by Pneumatically
  16. Coating Unit: Coating Anilox Etching as per your varnish gram weight.
  17. Machine Panel operaration: PLC Touch Screen
  18. Heating Load: 27 KW, with Blower.
  19. Air Knife: Included
  20. Weight: 5,500 Kg. (Approx)
  21. Approx. Dimensions: 1.4 mt (W) X 12 mt  (L) X 2.8  mt (H)




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