Computer Generated Hologram

Computer generated hologram are those kinds of holograms which gives the appearance of binary representation of interferogram. Here computers are used to scan, design, enhance and create images and patterns for developing 2D/ 3D holograms. Frankly speaking, this computer technology comes as a powerful technology for a wide range of display types including 2D, stereoscopic, volumetric and true 3D imaging.

How to make computer generated hologram

In order to make computer-generated hologram, first the image of the object is taken followed by the removal of the background of the image. The background of the image is removed adding white space around the object that helps in obtaining higher transmission. Remember the three basics elements in holography that includes light source, image and hologram plays a vital role. It is to be noted that if any two of these are known, then the third one can be easily calculated.

For instance if we know the diffraction pattern and the details of the double slit system, we could easily calculate the wavelength of the light. So, this is the basic idea behind the theory of computer generated hologram.

Uses of computer generated hologram

The applications of computer generated holograms are growing rapidly by leaps and bounds and their uses are innumerable. Due to their attractive nature they are used in variety of applications to provide three dimensional views of an object.

  • Computer generated holograms are used for controlling laser lights in many optical devices like common CD player.
  • CGH is used in the making of holographic optical elements for various purposes like scanning, focusing and splitting.
  • The lightweight computer generated holograms create wave fronts of arbitrary complexity.
  • They are attractive for applications like optical data processing and optical data testing.

Some other uses of computer generated hologram

Apart from the above mentioned used these computer generated holograms are also used for product packaging, packaging foils, gift boxes, packaging films, cartons, for promotional labels and stickers, etc.


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