3D Lenticular Holograms

3D lenticular hologram is a specialized hologram that possess all the features of a lenticular hologram added by a 3d effect. It is manufactured by making use of the usual lenticular process that involves 12 or more images. What follows is a interlacing of these different images to make a single one, which is very confusing. The image is then printed on the paper. Then follows one of the most important part in which lenticular material, made of small ridges of lens is actually laminated. As a result, the lenses bars the view of all those images separately. The raw images and the lens surface of the lenticular material makes a different view.

The lenticular holograms comes with different effects like the morphing, 3D, Zoom, Flip. However, 3D lenticular are such a an attractive piece as it adds a new dimension to the beauty of a hologram. It actually imparts realism to the artwork even without the help of any sort of special optics or glasses. All it needs is special layering along with some special techniques and screens. Once these are done properly the 3D lenticular hologram will be infront of you.

Important details about 3D lenticular hologram

There are some things that you need to know about 3D lenticular holograms. The first and foremost factor is whether you are getting the right choice of colors and whether there is a provision for image placement. It is also important to have the logos and the typography very close to aim point to make it appear very sharp and readable. The last thing you want about your 3D lenticular hologram to have a solid horizontal stripes as it hampers the viewer’s depth reference.

Uses of 3D lenticular holograms

3D lenticular holograms also have a lot uses as well as it is needed in an array of products that includes Stickers, Posters, CD jewel, DVD case inserts, Folders, Toys, trading cards etc. 3D lenticular holograms are mush superior than other forms of holograms as apart from being used as posters, cards and other products, it also provide the advantage of looking great in any kind of light. Moreover, it also possess depth, HD video, motion film or combinations.


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