Security Holograms

Security holograms are the common type of holograms that are designed to help prove legitimacy of products in general against counterfeiting. This type of hologram not only enhances the visibility and security but also prevents unauthorized personnel from gaining access to sensitive materials. Mind you, adding a security hologram to your product does not mean that you are withstanding counterfeiting or copying but significantly it becomes a block for the counterfeiter.

The uniqueness of security holograms

Security holograms are incessantly becoming an essential method of protection against counterfeiting. The security a hologram provides depends to the extent tied to the extent tied to the complexity of image. What is so unique about these hologram is that they cannot be copied by standard printing techniques or fabricated by color copiers or any scanning equipment. That’s why it can be proclaimed loudly that security holograms virtually guarantees product authenticity and nothing else.

Purposes of security holograms

Security holograms which include stickers, labels, cards have different security levels. The significance of adding security hologram to a document or product depends upon the actual product value. This is because not all products deserve the similar protection and that is why different security holograms have varying security levels. Such holograms are used for various purposes.

Taking the help of tamper evident security holograms, you can protect your document from scanning and copying of your valued document or certificate. An added benefit to the hologram is the use of sequential numbers. .

In identity verification, security holograms play a pivotal role. They are applied on identification batches to enhance security and better visibility. It also prevents unauthorized person from gaining contact to sensitive materials.

In product authentication, the uses of such security holograms are indisputable. Now you can add to your product added security, visibility and the ability to distinguish goods from potential counterfeiters, using such holograms.

Some common applications

Security holograms are used in making apparel, Media software like DVD’S and CD’s, Banking documents, Transportation passes, Admission tickets, Consumer electronics, Gift certificates, Pharmaceuticals and many more.


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