Manual Hot Stamping Machine

manual-hot-stampingOur Manual Hot Stamping Machine meant for new customers who want to have in house facility and are widely demanded by our clients in domestic and overseas markets.



  • Saves Space
  • Easy to operate
  • For small surfaces which needs hard pressure
  • Automatic temperature controlling
  • Automatic timer for Pressure controlling
  • Automatic timer for waist rewinding length control


Specifications of Manual Hot Stamping Machine:

1.    Hot Plate size : 140 X 170 MM
2.    Power Requirement: AC 220V 50 Hz , 800 W
3.    Temperature: 0-300°C
4.    Time control: 00.0-99.9 sec
5.    Stroke: Manual System
6.    Size of base plate: 300 x 300mm
7.    Weight: 150 kgs. Approx
8.    Dimension: D600xW800 x H1600mm

These find their application in Manual Hot Stamping on Cosmetic Containers, Flexible tube, Numbering wheel, Plastic Products, Books, Leather Goods, Wood and Paper Products.




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Hot Stamping Machine

Hot Stamping Machine
Hot Stamping Machine

Detailed Specifications of Equipment:

This hot stamping machine is designed for the commercial production of Hot Stamping of the Holograms and allied Products, using PET & Hot Stamping Foils of various thicknesses from 12µ (twelve microns) up-wards.

Due to the highly automated nature of this latest equipment, the end-user can plan and control all the operating variables and it is very user friendly. The operator of the hot stamping machine can control the web speed from a single control panel. This unique feature ensures that optimum results are obtained with minimum wastage. The stamping die will be either zinc or copper for longer machine life.

  1. Hot Stamping Area: 250mm X 200mm
  2. Rewind Paper Roll Dia: 400mm max
  3. Un-wind Paper Roll Dia: 400mm max
  4. Hot Stamping Foil Pulling System: Automatic
  5. Hot Stamping Foil Roll Un winding Unit: Included
  6. Stamping Foil Roll Re winding (Waste) Unit: Included
  7. Hot Stamping Speed: 3000 IPH (Max)
  8. Voltage: 415 Volts – 50 Hz
  9. Power Consumption: 5 Kw
  10. Electronic Meter Counter: Included
  11. Stamping Pressure Control in micron: Included
  12. Main Motor: 3 HP MOTOR
  13. Paper pulling with programmable Stepper Motor Control Systems with Repeat Pass Scanner : Included
  14. Waste Rewinding Unit: Included
  15. Auto Rewinding Unit: Included
  16. Auto Unloading Unit: Included
  17. Micro Controlled digital temp Controller: Included
  18. Machines speed – VFD Controlled: AC Drive Included
  19. Appox Weight: 850 Kgs.
  20. Appox Dimensions: 3mX1.5mX1m





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