Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Engraving Machine
Laser Engraving Machine

There are mainly three parts in laser engraving machines and each of them performs a specific task. The laser emits the beam, the controller helps in controlling the direction, speed and intensity of the laser. And the surface allows the pattern to be traced on it.

Types of Laser Engraving Machine

Laser engraving machine are mainly of three types. The first type is the X-Y table which involves a stationery workpiece but and a moving laser tat moves around in X and Y directions drawing vectors. Another type of laser engraving machine is the one which is mainly used in cylindrical work pieces. In this case the desired image is produced on a raster basis. The third mode is the one in which the laser and the workpiece remains stationery and the galvo mirrors helps the laser beam over the work piece surface.

Laser engraving machine s are used for a variety of uses even for industrial purposes. It is used for printing dates, expiry codes. Moreover, laser engraving makes it possible to mark various plastic material. These feature makes it very useful in various packaging and bottling plants.


Detailed Specifications of Equipment:

Equipment with laser (Diode-Pumped Fiber Laser) for hologram marking etc on the Holographic sheets, with marking field size up to 300 mm x 300 mm and having latest Pentium 4 computer & required software and attachment for marking holograms in sheets to sheets and roll to roll form.


Software for automatic equipment including X – Y table, Rotary Chucks – 1 PC

Specifications for Equipment with laser (Diode-Pumped Fiber Laser) for hologram marking:

  1. Operating Wave Length: 1064 nm
  2. Pulse width: < 150 ns
  3. Pulse Repetition Rate: > 20 KHz
  4. Multimode Output Fiber: Included
  5. Output Collimated Beam: Included
  6. Forced Air Flow Cooling: Included
  7. Low Power Consumption: < 750 W
  8. Beam Shape: Gaussian
  9. Speed: 30 Per Minute (Max)
  10. Galvo Scanner For High-Speed Marking: Included
  11. Marking field: Up to 150mm x 150mm
  12. Marking accuracy: Better than 0.50 mm
  13. Pilot Laser for “Field Marking”: Can be adjusted 1W to 20W
  14. Guaranteed for 50000 hrs. Operation of laser.
  15. Weight: 700 Kg (Approx)
  16. Approx Dimensions: 2 ft X 2ft X 2.5 ft

Note: It is mandatory to use a stabilizer for the machine. (AC recommended)

Other Features:

Computer with Window XP operating system:

  •  Latest Pentium 4 computer with monitors 2000 operating system. Flat screen TFT monitor.
  • Window based software and also offers direct screen software which accepts DXF, WMF, JPG, BMP or HPGL and more files for marking, can accept output of any popular software like Corel, AUTO CAD 2000, etc.

Laser Marking Software:

  • Graphical user interface on screen display of marking field and object.
  • Multiple layer including background layers (for operator instruction display of party Image, individual layer selection for marking etc.)
  • Easy positioning, sizing and orientation of objects to be marked (either by mouse function or properties boxes.)
  • Importing both vector based and bitmap file formats directly into marking software, input Directly from scanner.
  • Increased Test formats, including true type fonts, 23 bar code formats and 2D matrices.
  • Variable text including keyboard input, detail time coding, and scanner of other RS232 input and alphanumeric serialization.
  • Easier interfacing to automation equipment including X-Y table, rotary chucks and External I/O lines. (Optional)
  • Marking software, laser disabled for offline programming is also supplied.

Included is vertically adjustable ‘Z’ axis platform, which can move job fixtures, Plates, objects (max. 25Kg. Wt.) into focus field of Galvo. Maximum Z travel is 300 mm.




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