Hologram Business

With markets being flooded with fake products and with government waking up to the piracy and counterfeits, the hologram business seems more of a profitable business. Probably it has become the first point of sale verification feature. As piracy regularly eats into the profits and reputation of big businesses, it has made several brand owners to sit up and take steps to protect their interests.

This hologram business or the popularity of holograms developed mainly because of brand identification and security. Mind you, each hologram is unique and one cannot recreate the same even with the same labor and machinery. This not only makes and excellent security proofs for bands but also assures consumers about the quality of the brand.

Hologram Types and its market share

Holograms symbolize brand identification and security. With and alarming rate of counterfeiting, the demand of holograms have increased manifold. Well to know about the hologram business firstly you need to access its types. Mainly there are three types of holograms. They are security, packaging and promotional.

  • Security holograms have a great hold in the market. It is basically a low volume high margin business. Such holograms have a market size of Rs.150 crore.
  • While packaging holograms has Rs. 250 Crore market and stands as a high volume low margin business. Here the price competition is greater in comparison to other.
  • The promotional holograms are a popular phenomenon. Frankly speaking, there are hardly any makers of holograms and its market is reported to be less than Rs. 1 crore.

Well as not many companies are yet aware of the benefits of the holograms and as majority of the customers are still not aware of it, the market has still not grown to the size it could. Mainly the future of this company depends a lot on the acceptability of holograms. According to experts, this hologram business is meant for everyone who intends to start a holographic company but the main thing lies in careful technological up gradation and industry assessing. So, if you are thinking of entering this business, just go through the aforementioned guidelines and make you business a flourishing one.


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