Hologram Stickers

In this market of false and fabricated products the use of hologram sticker for security benefits are unparallel. Such stickers are more popular and highly in demand compared to other visual mediums that represent visuals on a two-dimensional surface, as they are holographed with an added dimension of depth.

These days hologram stickers are used to carry a multiplicity of messages in a wide range of shapes, sizes and forms across a large spectrum of products and objects. Such stickers are self-adhesive and tamper proof hologram stickers, offering verification, security and protection against imitation.

What are its types?

DOT- MATRIX Holographic sticker – The dot- Matrix hologram features unlimited computer controlled and laser beam engraved dots. Each dot means a separate diffraction grating that creates a striking impact of variable images on a single sticker. Such hologram stickers can have lots of zooming, moving and flipping effect that adds as bonus to their popularity.

True color Holographic sticker – True color holograms are such holograms that are made up of photographic quality artwork. These stickers are much in demand, as they are a very good way to achieve anti-counterfeit performance.

2D/3D hologram stickers – These hologram stickers are made up of multiple two-dimension layers. Here you will find images lying one over other with visual depth which create an effect of three dimensional structure on the stickers.

Flip-Flop holographic sticker – Flip-flop holograms are unique holograms that boast of displaying two images from two different viewing angles. In other words, when the viewing angle changes left to right or upside and down, different images are seen emerging through hologram.

Application of Hologram stickers

Hologram stickers are mainly used to improve security and brand image in various types of industries. Such stickers are used as a very attractive and practical option in product packaging and security applications. Its applications are found in fine jewelry, watches, automotive or engineering machine parts, driving licenses, certificates, bank cheques, passport, revenue stamps etc.


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