More About Hologram Images

Hologram images are nothing but the images that one can see in holograms. The best place to see holograms is MIT Museum which has the largest collection of holograms. Hologram images as one can see is a mix of scientific endeavor and partly an art form and one can be astonished to see the effect of a hologram image at the entrance of the MIT Museum. The entrance of the Museum has a life size hologram of Dennis Garbor, the inventor of hologram. It is not at all exaggerating to say that the three dimensional effect of the hologram image of Garbor makes it look so real that one may end up saying “Hello”.

The mechanism of 3D effect and Hologram Images

Holograms images are so fascinating because it creates 3D effect that makes it look real. When you consider the fact an image could create such an effect, it is indeed a great achievement from the days when the first pictures were drawn by cave men. Hologram images proved the true 3D effect for the first time. The 3D effect is the result of the interference pattern, which is recorded when two laser lights beams converge at a holographic field. However, the two light beams should be different, one directly from from the source and another should be bouncing of an object. According to Benton, the whole process results to a window in the memory. The exposed film liberates and reconstructs the wavefronts as soon as it is developed and reilluminated. What our eye sees is the incredibly realistic 3D image of the original object.

Mockery of the light

Holography is truly making a mockery of the light with the help of hologram images. The whole phenomenon is as amazing as coming out of the Star Trek. It sometimes seems to be a trick that plays tricks with our eyes. The whole phenomenon of holography that creates a mesmerizing effect with the help of hologram images is a combination of art and equation.


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