Hologram Machinery

Hologram machinery is increasingly becoming important as counterfeiting looms large over the business world. It has resulted to many big brands loosing a large chunk of their sale. Hologram machinery helps in creating holograms that bars such counterfeiting and protect the brand identities. There are different types of machines available and each of them performs a specific task to make a hologram or to incorporate a special feature to the hologram.

Hologram Machinery – Laminator

The laminator helps in laminating the silicon paper and adhesive together.

Hologram Machinery – 2D/3D Hologram Master Shooting System

2D/3D Hologram Master Shooting System is not a solo machine that is capable of performing all the necessary task by itself. It actually consists of a number of equipments such as Optical Table, He-Cd laser, opticals, controller, silver coatings, Microprocessor-Controlled Automatic Positioning Equipment etc. All these equipments work in tandem to serve the purpose.

Hologram Machinery – Dot-matrix Hologram Master Shooting System

The Dot-matrix Hologram Master Shooting System consists of Silvering, He-Cd Laser and Dot-matrix machine and it is the Hologram Master Recombination Machine, which is responsible for the recombination of small master shim into big master shim.

Hologram Machinery – Narrow Hard Web Hologram Embosser

The hologram image is embossed on to the base material with the help of Narrow Hard Web Hologram Embosser. The base material can be made of aluminum metalized PET film or a transparent PET film. It is a manufacturing process that requires minimum production cost. The Narrow Hard Web Hologram Embosser are of two types, one is the Old mode of hard hologram embosser and the other is the New mode of hard hologram embosser which can emboss precisely.

Hologram Machinery – Laminator

The laminator helps in laminating the silicon paper and adhesive together.

Hologram Machinery – Electronic Forming Machine

Hologram embossing wouldn’t have been possible without electronic forming machine as the machine is responsible for the duplication of nickel operation shim. The shim which is duplicated from the mother shim is made to go under embossing. Then the fixation of the nickel hologram operation into embosser’s cylinder is followed.

Hologram Machinery – Wide Web Soft Hologram Embosser

This embosser is responsible for embossing transparent holographic film a wide web

Hologram Machinery – Manual Die-cutting punch

Manual die-cutting is capable of cutting the sticker into a size of 160mm x 160mm. Moreover, it cuts panel by panel.

Hologram Machinery – Hologram Sticker Automatic Die-cutting Machine

The particular form of machine serves really well in roll format.


Hologram Machine

We live in a machine revolution and here technology stands poised to become a compelling choice for every need. Machines play a vital role in every productive and manufacturing process. Nothing can be created without the help of proper machines. Likewise, when the matter relates to hologram making, nothing stands better than holographic machinery.

These days you will find wide variety of hologram products available in the market, which are all the gifts of holographic machinery. Starting from security holograms, promotional holograms to packaging holograms and more, all are the by- products of hologram machine. Such machinery produces hologram film, hot stamping foil to make various products.

Types of Hologram machine

Master shooting system – The most important process of holography is mastering. They are known as 2d/3d master shooting system. The two master shooting systems require two different position localization equipment that comprises of manual positioning equipment and automatic positioning equipment.

The 2d system is used to shoot master by H1 glass to make hologram text or image in the background. To shoot in this type, an user or an operator need to control position platform manually.

While the 3d system is used to shoot master by hologram image-maker facility directly. In this system all background and the fore ground image can be shot in the same way.

Apart from 2d/3d master shooting system, you will find Dot Matrix Master shooting system that carries resolution like 158DPI, 317DPI, 635DPI, 1270 DPI. This system is composed of optical table, He-Cd laser, programmable controller, Optics Bridge, accurate platform, computer and software.

Hologram master Recombination machine – The recombination machinery is used to recombine small master into big master. There are two types of recombination machines, which include small recombiner and big recombiner.

Hologram electronic forming machine – This innovative machine is used to duplicate nickel operation shim from hologram mother shim for processing of hologram embossing.

Hologram Embosser – The hologram embosser is used to imprint hologram image onto the base material like aluminum foil, metalized pet film, transparent pet film etc.

Automatic die-cutting machine – This machine is used to die-cut hologram sticker accurately and fast. The machine features a slitter that can cut big hologram sticker roll into smaller one.


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