What is a Glass Hologram?

Known as an improved version of 3D glasses, glass hologram marks a great difference. The glass hologram with multiple purposes gives an immersed three-dimensional visual setting that proves bit different in comparison to conventional virtual reality glasses. Such glasses carry digital computer generated lenses that are available in variety of special images. Mind you, the more simpler the image, the more brighter and crisper its effects.

How do hologram glasses work?

Glass hologram boasts of 3D features. The three dimensional effect is formed when a still picture with red composite image in its right component is superposed on the left component, having contrasting color. Its effect takes place when viewed through glasses with corresponding color filters.

These glasses with 3D effect make 3D films worth watching. It eliminates fuzziness and blurriness, making film watching a nice experience. These colored filters assist in separating the different color images being projected from different angles simultaneously.

Merits of hologram glasses

Glass hologram undeniably has its own set of advantages. These glasses are applied for variety of uses.

  • When viewed through holographic 3D glasses, you will find no difference between real and virtual.
  • The glasses help the eyes to correlate two different images as one, thus making it easier to grab the spirit
  • Such glass hologram allows color viewing.
  • It has a wide application both in the education and in the entertainment field like move theatres and film production studios.
  • The sickening flicker, which one has to face, is restricted to the minimum in hologram glasses.

The other side of Glass hologram

Hologram glasses normally have the ability to generate diffractive optical elements in the form of binary amplitude and binary phase. The binary phase holograms help in creating clear and brighter holographic images keeping blurriness at bay.

Binary Amplitude in hologram glass features clear and opaque regions and these digitally computed regions help diffract the light according to the desired pattern.


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