Electroforming Tank (Soft Unit)

Electroforming Tank
Electroforming Tank

Electroforming hard tank is a thing which is more or less identical to holographic nickel shim and is specially designed by a process called electroforming process. The complete electrodeposition of a metal on a model helps electricity to go through it and the deposition can be separated from the master as a new nickel that is negative.

This process helps a lot in making the end user an independent in the hologram business. Moreover, Electroforming Tank is economical as well and never gets a financial burden on you. Most of the Electroforming Tank are supplied with added equipments such as Computerized Control Panel, chemical baths, electronic Board etc. All these are added with a complete know how so that the buyer so that one can kickstart the production as early as possible.


Electroforming Soft Unit – for Preparation of Glass Master / thermoplastic material (Poly Carbonate Sheet) To Nickel Master


Detailed Specifications of Equipment:

This equipment has been specially designed for the replication of Holographic Glass Master to Nickel Shim shims by means of an Electro-forming Process. The process consists of Electro-deposition of Metal (nickel) on a model (Glass Master) capable of conducting electric current. When the deposition is complete it is possible to separate from the Master a new Nickel Copy which is an exact negative of the Master.

The design parameters of this equipment is to provide a constant supply of the necessary quantity of  quality Shims for the Embossing Machine , thus making the end-user of our equipment to be fully independent of all production activities , excepting preparation of the Master.

Unlike other suppliers of such equipment who manufacture and supply only the Electroforming Tank and expect the buyer to procure the necessary Chemicals and consumables independently, Holographic Origination & Machineries Ltd. offers a complete package including all chemicals and consumables to enable the buyer to start commercial production of Quality Holographic Products from day- One .

  1. Shim Size: 250mm X 250mm
  2. Process Control Current & Volt: Motorized Variable
  3. Temperature Control: Programmable
  4. Cycle Duration Control (Timer): Programmable
  5. Voltage: 230 Volt A.C. – 50 Hz
  6. Power Consumption: 5 Kw max.
  7. Capacity of Machine: 10 Pcs. Master (Max) Per Day
  8. Pump & Filter: Included
  9. Weight: 500 Kg (Approx)
  10. Approx Dimensions: 1 m X 0.6 m X 0.6 m



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