Hologram Applications

Hologram is a symbol of security and product authentication. The craze and demand for hologram has not just increased its applications are also widely visible in almost all industrial sectors including commercial and residential applications.

Some major areas of hologram applications

As a representation of new visual language in communication, Holography can be used for broad range of applications. There is no doubt about the fact that in few years from now, we are going to see a new world of holograms in every aspect. Let’s have a look at their applications.

Hologram Applications – Security factors

The application of hologram indicates the authenticity of a product. The fastest and the most popular growing area for the use of hologram is the security and product authentication. The security holograms not only provide powerful obstacle to counterfeiting but also have proven to be unrivaled with its anti-counterfeiting, tamper-proof features and more.

Hologram Applications – Packaging

The use of holograms have become very much popular in packaging. Proper holographic packaging on consumer durables not only provides an eye catching visual impact but serves as an important way for brand protection and authentication as well. Such packaging includes flexible packaging, board packaging, pack packaging etc.

Hologram Applications – Promotional

Holograms are widely used for promotional purposes. The use of hologram completes the packaging, the promotional activities associated with your product and add some attraction towards it.

Hologram Applications – Tax stamp

As a security symbol, holograms are widely used on tax stamps of many countries. Such tax stamps are issued by government on alcohol and tobacco to ensure proper paying of duty and to distinguish genuine products from fake one.

Hologram Applications – Medical applications

In various medical applications, holographic techniques are widely used. It is used in CAT scans, X-ray, Ultrasound, Opthalmology, endoscopy, orthopedics and many more.

Other hologram applications

Apart from the above mentioned uses, holograms are used in decorations, Art and interactive graphics, sports events, IT consumables, entertainment and many more.


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