What is 3D Hologram?

Three-dimensional images, better known as 3d holograms are created by capturing a laser light interference pattern on film. Mainly, they are created by interweaving the coated graphics of one complete master image. The special 3d holography effects are created by printing graphics in register on back side of special lens material.

Materials for 3d holograms

The holographic 3d mostly comprises of two main material types. They are heavy gauge and fine gauge. The main distinction between the two is in the viewing distance. The thicker the lens the greater is the viewing distance.

Heavy gauge are used in those applications, which have superior viewing distances. Holographic 3d needs slower printing and finishing methods as the lens thickness restricts on the printing method. While the Fine gauge are used in those applications for closer viewing distances. They can be printed through printing press that allows good economy.

Characteristic Features of 3d holograms

A unique feature of the 3d hologram is the ‘parallax’. The unique term refers to the ability to view a scene and colors from many angles and depths. The colorful effect that comes from microstructures within the hologram often leads to the diffraction of the light striking them.

Another notable feature of 3d hologram is the complex optical patterns. The patterns contain information about the depth and photographic look of the image.

Various types of 3d holograms printing effects


3d hologram flips –  This is regarded as the simplest of all animation effects. Here, an image changes or flips from one image to the next.

3d hologram zoom – This effect allows an image to move closer or farther away in the sequence of animated positions. The effect works best when the background is common through out for all the animated images.

3d hologram Morph –  The Morph effects enables changes of one image to another image, using sophisticated image algorithms.

3d hologram Full Motion Video – This effect uses multiple frames of an action, which shows movement from the beginning till end. This effect is best obtained when the background remains constant throughout the sequence.


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