Dot Matrix Hologram Mastering Lab

Our Dot-Matrix machine is one of the best dot array mastering machines now available for security holography, in terms of features and resolution. These mastering machines produce ultra high security Dot-Matrix glass master holograms Quick in-house origination of high security master holograms from computer generated image content. The system also has honeycomb vibration isolation with pneumatic legs, to avoid possible external noise vibrations.


Detailed Specifications of Equipment

A. Dot matrix system with 1500dpi/2500dpi. Micro-Pattern Design
B. Dot-matrix Artwork Designing software which consist of very user friendly software for creating.

• True Color Images
• Kinematic
• Micro-Text from 200 Micron Plus
• Concealed Text
• Guilloche Effect
• Pearl Effect
• Animation
• Switch Text Effect
• Rays Effect
• Sparkling Effect
• 2D Animated Text
• Gradient
• Flip

C. Software Usage Information brochures with inbuilt help.
D. Dot-matrix Master Shooting System Structure with vibration isolation system consisting vibration isolation table with pneumatic legs.
E. Optics Position Setting, Kinds of Optics adjust to make Laser Beam good
for shooting and software will enable to choose angle of recording and all
other intensity parameters.
F. Automatic Platform Parameter setting capable of creating Stereogram and any combination of 2D/3D Holograms.
G. Inbuilt controls for laser adjustments, plate loading and resolution selection.
H. Software module that helps to choose the type of hologram to be recorded.
I. Chemical formula and chemicals for hologram glass master development.
J. Approx Dimension: 1500mm X 1500 mm X 1800 mm
K. Weight: 350 Kg.




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