3D Lenticular Posters

3D lenticular posters can be an efficient tool for advertising a product or a service. The posters are very much prevalent in different parts of the wold. It is an interesting form of media which requires the viewers to move from one place to another in order to get the true effect of 3D lenticular posters. Moreover, some of the lenticular posters are printed on paper and has the provision of changing all its artwork. The prime reason for using these posters are that it creates a moving life like image that has much more impact in the minds of the viewers.

Variety of 3D lenticular posters

To meet the demand of different customers the 3d lenticular posters are available in different specifications as well. It is made according to the demand of the customers. They are mostly made of lenticular lens sheets and consists of material like polystyrene (PS), acrylic (PMMA) etc. The variety of 3d lenticular posters allows a lot of options as you can avail them with a 3D effect or a flip or equipped with animation. Moreover, the ones with the zoom, morph and the combined effect also make an attractive lenticular poster. The variety also includes size as you can get them according to your preferred sizes.

Uses of 3D lenticular poster

3D lenticular posters also have a lot of uses and that has played a major role in making them popular. Lenticular posters are extensively used as a movie posters as it enhanced the attraction of a poster. It creates a great impact in the minds of the viewers and creates the initial curiosity about the movie.

Movies like superman have used 3d lenticular posters to great effect. These posters possess ‘life’ and therefore are much more effective than normal posters. Lenticular posters create a effect that may look as if the images in the posters are moving. However, it is only possible when the viewer is moving and the fact that mot of the viewers are on the move while watching posters, it makes it even more effective.


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